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African Black Soap Body Bar

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Using only the purest ingredients found in West Africa, The Mama Au's African Black Soap body bar can be used on all skin types. Due to its antibacterial properties and creamy lather, we recommend this body bar to all HS Warriors. Our African Black Soap is made with 100% organic ingredients to assist with the management of flares and open wound care at home. Common black soap benefits are:

  • Antibacterial

  • Cleanses impurities from the skin

  • Calms skin inflammation
  • Provides eczema relief

  • Reduces blemishes & dark spots

  • Fights facial and body acne

  • Reduces oily skin

  • Works as a natural moisturizer

This is an organic product and does not contain any artificial ingredients.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Pod Ash & Water.


The Mama Au has aligned with 3CayG Industries, a family of cooperatives in Ghana and Benin, Africa. The purchase of an African Black Soap shows your support for Fair Trade and Community Development. Currently, 3CayG Industries is in the process of restoring 12 water pumps in a village located in Benin, Africa. With each purchase, we are directly contributing to this community project as it strives to provide fresh water for an entire village. The long term goal we share is having all water pumps readily accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

On behalf of The Mama Au and 3CayG Industries, thank you for your contribution.



Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

This product works wonders. I use it in the shower on my body. It cleans the skin and helps get rid of flares and acne. Life saver. Thank you!

Tara Graham

Honestly, it’s the same exact black soap you can buy from the Muslims. This one gets more sudsy and is oval shaped. Wrapped in Saran Wrap, it comes in a cute bag. Nothing to brag about. I wanted to support, plus I got the honey salve (reviewed as well). Wanted to use them together. Idk maybe the fact that it doesn’t break apart so easily is another difference. But overall, there’s no huge difference from the other black soaps I’ve used.

nakisha hill
Great product!

This product is really good, it’s not to strong on the skin so you can use if you have sensitive skin like me. It’s gets the job done for whatever your problems are it washes them away with a dedicated use! I will be buying again

Christine Coleman

Best Soap ever just bought the 1lb

Cautiously optimistic

I haven’t wanted to write a review until I felt ready to but here goes nothing! So far, the soap and HS salve have been great. I currently have a large flare, I’ve been washing with the soap and applying the salve and it seems to be getting smaller and less painful. So I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed.
The packaging and care taken in shipping the product is the best I’ve ever seen! Who doesn’t love magenta envelopes?!