Am I able to use the Hidradenitis Suppurativa Honey Salve on my open wounds?

Yes! The Mama Au’s honey salve is carefully formulated to assist with tissue regeneration within an open wound. Our Manuka Honey Salve is safe for the following mucous membranes: the lips, mouth, and nasal passages. It is not recommended to use on the urethra, and vagina, as the vagina is internal and this is for external use only. However, it is safe to use on the inner and outer labia, and clitoral hood. It is also safe to use on the perineum.

As for men, we would provide the same recommendation for their respective counterparts. If you have a draining abscess, you may use the honey salve in conjunction with your bandages. The scent from the essential oil blend should assist the smell coming from the open sore.

Using 100% organic ingredients, sourced from around the world, our salve can be used by babies, children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.


I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa. What products can I use from the website?

The Mama Au's product line can be used by anyone with various types of skin conditions. However, our primary focus is to provide alternative products for those who suffer from Hidradenitis Suppurativa due to a lack of available options. HS Warriors will find the following list of products specifically formulated for lesions, open wounds, body odor in the arm pit area and overall skin care: 

• Hidradenitis Suppurativa Honey Salve

• African Black Soap

• Bentonite Clay Natural Deodorant 

• Wild Turmeric Natural Deodorant 


I just placed an order. How long will it take for me to receive my order ?

Orders are now shipped every Monday to help USPS scan our packages more accurately. Please allow 3-10 Business days for your order to be processed AND fulfilled. Lead times may vary.  * Due to various COVID19 restrictions, please be aware that there can be occasional, unexpected delays at our warehouse or with USPS/ UPS. Orders placed on weekends or holidays will be processed the following business day. You can expect your tracking information to be provided to you in a separate email, once we have fulfilled your order.

* If we experience delays from our international suppliers, our lead times can unexpectedly change to 10+ business days. If this is a concern, please request an order cancellation by emailing info@themamaau.com. Please write “Cancel Order” as the subject of the email for a quick response from our team.

* Shipping times for international orders does not include customs processing time. 

* Shipping rates for international customers do NOT include customs/duty charges.

* We have temporarily suspended shipping to the United Kingdom, as we wait to receive our proper registration to collect and pay VAT charges. 

* We have temporarily suspended shipping to Australia due to postal restrictions. 

I just received my whipped body butter and it contains little grains. Does this mean it has gone bad?


No, not at all! The formation of grains tend to occur when there is a fluctuation in temperature. as the different butters used to make the whipped body butter contain different melting points. Sometimes when all three butters begin to solidify, little "grains" form due to the butter cooling at room temperature.

You will notice, as you begin applying your body butter,  the grains will disappear into the skin. Unfortunately, we cannot control the temperature as your package travels from our quarters to your home. However, we are able to answer any question or concern, while providing an at home solution. 


My Hidradenitis Suppurativa Honey Salve arrived more solidified than I had anticipated. Is there a way to make it more creamy?

Yes, of course. We recommend placing your jar of Manuka Honey Salve into a bowl containing very hot water. It will only take a few minutes before seeing a change from solid to liquid.

As much as we would like to control the temperature while your package is in route to your home, we simply cannot. Our products are all natural and contain no additives to keep the ingredients from behaving accordingly. Please email us with any question or concern and we will be glad to assist you with adjusting the consistency of your honey salve.