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Soft Black Soap - The Mama Au Inc.

Soft Black Soap

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These soft soaps are made from Saponified Palm Kernel oil. The production process is quite lengthy, but the ingredients are simple. The mixture of natural palm kernel oil and cocoa pod ash is cooked and kneaded similar to hot process soap making. Once the soap is fully cooked, a fluffy mass starts to rise out of the pots before it is then collected. At last, the women in the soap producing villages take the puffy mass and form them into softball like shapes. When comparing soft black soap to traditional black soap, it is said to be just as effective, but milder on the skin.

The approximate weight of each Soft Black Soap ball is 6 oz. To help maximize your experience with our soap, an organic soap bag is included at no additional cost to you (while supplies last). Proper storage of your soft, black soap will prevent humidity from turning it darker and hard like a bar of soap. We recommend storing it in a cool and dry area.


The Mama Au has aligned with 3CayG Industries, a family of cooperatives in Ghana and Benin, Africa. The purchase of an African Black Soap shows your support for Fair Trade and Community Development. Currently, 3CayG Industries is in the process of restoring 12 water pumps in a village located in Benin, Africa. With each purchase, we are directly contributing to this community project as it strives to provide fresh water for an entire village. The long term goal we share is having all water pumps readily accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

On behalf of The Mama Au and 3CayG Industries, thank you for your contribution.


Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Burns
Love, Love, LOVE this stuff

I have had HS for 35 years and Mama Au is the first company to make products that work for me. This soap is mild but mighty! Perfect for use when the regular black soap may be too much. It is soft and gentle. Thank you Mama Au, you have changed my life for the better!

Sandra Riley
Love your products

I have HS and finally a product that helps with this condition. I ordered both soaps and the salve because I had a particularly harsh outbreak. I prefer the black soap over the soft soap, I can feel the healing power when bathing daily with this soap. The salve soothes and heals the lesions. Thank you for providing superior products.

Deria Evans
Holy Grail

I ordered almost all of her products and love every single one! The quality of her products are top tier. Literally nothing but the best! I have the black soaps on reorder all the time!

Ashlei Austin
Love it!!!

Shipping was quick and the soft black soap is awesome..will definitely be ordering more soon

Shonte Thompson

Will order again.